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It is not about the destination, It’s about the journey”

How to Travel Around

how to travel is one of the first questions that come to our mind the first time we want to travel, that’s why we created Travel In Travel Out in English because we know we are the best guide ever. It answers all the questions that you have now and you will have in the future.

To quit our job, to be far away from our family, to overcome the fear of the unknown and above everything, the money; makes us doubt very much about doing it or not. We get into a virtual travel agency, quote the airplane tickets and we realize that it seems impossible. But don’t be discouraged! After a few years of experience traveling around the world, we have found some ways that help you to travel cheap and here we tell you everything about it!

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How to travel around the world?

To travel the world, the first thing you need to do is finding where to travel. For that, we suggest you to start looking for a kind of trip first more than just one destination because in that way you will have more options to satisfy what you need for the perfect trip. Examples for this could be to spend some days resting on a beach, to practice extreme sports, go out partying, go camping, do a spiritual trip or whatever you wish.

The more open you are about where you want to go (In every place there is something to discover) and the more flexible you are about the dates you want to travel, the cheaper will be the trip.

Here you can find some travel ideas with some destinations for different places for your trip. Click on the image if you are interested in any!

After you find some of the types of travel, we make a quote based on the two more important items in terms of money for our trip: Accommodation and flights.


Basically we do a flight search to compare flights. In the video, we used the google flight search, but you can choose the option you wish. The important is to find the best option in order to buy the cheapest flight tickets possible.

  • Remember to do the flight search in private mode.
  • Remember that the low-cost flights are flights that not include food or luggage checked so if you don’t want to pay extra, you will need to carry only a 7 kg backpack and do not carry with you any of the forbidden elements in the carry on baggage like nail clipper, liquids bigger than 100 ml, among others.

If you want to know more about Flights, get in here!


How to find the best hotels, hostels, and types of accommodation. Can you get free accommodation?

To find the best options for accommodation, the most known options are, in the first place, where you can find any kind of available accommodations in every place, from 5 stars hotels to a hostel.

Also,, where private people rent rooms or apartments at prices much cheaper sometimes. (Recommended especially for big cities. In Europe the options are very convenient.).

If what you look for is a cheaper hostel and especially if you travel alone and you are looking just for a bed, we also recommend you hostelworld that is a platform specialized in hostels around the world.

Now, an explanatory video to find accommodation through

Other Tips in order to Save in Accommodation

  • When you are looking for the perfect hotel or hostel, remember to have in mind the closeness to the points you are interested to visit, because in general, you will save more money and time if you stay closer to everything instead of sleeping far away and taking transportation to move. Sometimes is the opposite too.
  • Pay attention to the travel opinions, they say everything you need to know.
  • A technique that has been useful in some places is that we ask for the price of one night, we ask to see the room, and then we ask for a price if we stay for more than 4 nights or a week. In general, it doesn’t always work, but we have gotten some good discounts in rooms doing this.
  • In places where there isn’t a touristic and economic development like some places in Asia and Central America, it is recommended to get into the place and look for the place after arriving, door by door. Apps like Airbnb and booking, normally show more expensive prices that what you can find going personally. Every day there are fewer cities where hasn’t spread yet.
  • Trying new applications, or Apps that you haven’t used before, because they usually give discounts for using it the first time. On the other hand, it helps you to quote too.

* In high season or in festivities, you must do a prior reservation, in order to avoid paying more money or even not getting a room.

In Travel

It was already said by Richard from the movie The Beach “The only downer is everyone got the same idea, we all travel thousands of miles just to watch tv and check in to somewhere with all the comforts of home, and you gotta ask yourself, what is the point of that?“

If you are going to travel, travel without expectations. Travel just to travel, To live something different, enjoying every moment without judging everything that comes across. If you travel expecting for something, you will always finally be disappointed.

Why traveling?

Travel to disconnect yourself from the routine, travel to live, travel to forget, travel to heal, travel to experience intense feelings. Whatever the reason it is, the important is to travel. Travel is good. To be really self-independent, for real, just you and the whole world on your feet. To be free, without people judging or criticizing. Travel just to travel, because travel is to LIVE.

We live in a huge world, full of people living in the most diverse ways, in the most diverse places. To be able to watch them, to question ourselves about our own existence and ways of living. Most of the people live in only one place all their life. They usually give all the importance to competition, to their jobs and to get the goals that allow them to show to the rest that they are successful people when they should be simply trying to live, to enjoy the moment and to be who they really are.

An Australian nurse that worked with terminal ill people, wrote a book about the regrets that these people felt when the death was getting closer. One of the most common regrets, as she says in her book is: “I wish I had the courage of doing what I really wanted to do and not what the rest expected me to do”.

Be aware of how lucky we are of living in the best moment of history for traveling. Now we have airlines that fight to each other for taking you in just a few hours to the other part of the planet. Do you imagine how was traveling before the internet or even the phone? Imagine how was to get into a place without speaking the language, and trying to find a place to sleep! We now have!

We also have free maps with GPS that don’t need the internet to work like It not only helps us with the location issue but also as it is associated with, you can easily find your accommodation at any moment. You can also highlight any place you are interested to visit, what it is ideal if you are going to be walking around a city and you want to know where you are and don’t miss the interesting places. You must have the precaution of downloading the maps before your trip if you won’t have the internet.

How can I use

Many of us can feel afraid about the language. But in these times, it’s solved too. There are many translators, (google for example has one and it also works without internet if you download the language before) so in case you need to communicate with somebody local, with this app you can write in your language, and the other person can answer in theirs.

How to use Google translator?

Combining a little study about the city you are going to be (related to the thing you are interested in doing or visiting), the use of (where you can mark the places you don’t want to miss), and what we have shown about finding flights and accommodation, you only need to face your fears and go travelling. In general, you can also get information from the hostel or hotel you are staying, about how to move around the city, or the places you shouldn’t miss, so ask them too if you are not sure about what to do. Otherwise, you can always ask google about what to do, or whatever question you may have.

If you want to know more about how to travel and especially if you don’t know how but you want to go on a long trip, enter here

Face the fear to travel

Traveling is the act of moving. Moving to something different from what we already know. Something new. And like that, a lot of fears come across and our mind starts finding excuses for not doing it.

It’s an experience different and unknown, but we all go through this. I’m actually writing about this because it’s normal. It still happens to us even when we have traveled a lot and it also happens after you do a long trip, and you have to come back. We are afraid of what we don’t know, to get out of our comfort zone. The thing is that we always find new comfort zones, so after two days of doing something, it may become your new comfort zone. When we travel it happen to us with a room that we don’t want to leave after a few days, even when it’s not so comfortable. We get attached to everything.

But as the saying says, “Best thing happens when we go out from our comfort zone”. Do it, whatever it happens, it will be an amazing experience that will help you to deal with staff in the future, you will be stronger and happier. Go traveling, and enjoy your life. Travel to be free. Travel to be happy.

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